Do something amazing today

By becoming a member of Raise Your Hands, you can transform the lives of young people on a daily basis. And because we’ve researched exceptional charities, you can be sure your money will have a big impact.

We understand people can be put off by charity. Maybe you’re unsure how well your money will be used. Maybe you’re fed up with negative campaigns when you really want to hear about positive change. Maybe you don’t want to be badgered for more money.

At Raise Your Hands, we offer a fresh approach. Our membership is a flat donation of £10 per month, with no follow up asks. 100% of your money goes directly to the charities. In return, we’ll show you the positive impact your donation makes, and offer you the chance to engage with our charities directly.

A few more reasons to become a member:

  • Support highly effective, innovative small charities that still struggle for funding
  • We offer you the chance to engage directly with our charities or network with like-minded members. Read more about our range of member benefits
  • Giving can be fun too. We put on social events throughout the year so you can meet like-minded people
  • See how your donations are being used via regular updates.

Become a member of a community that transforms young lives.