10 questions before setting off

1. This distance seems crazy. Why are you doing the run?!

I left the finance industry and co founded Raise Your Hands in 2014 to raise money and raise awareness about small charities that work with children in the UK. Most people don't realise that there are hundreds of charities doing amazing - but unrecognised - work with kids, that struggle for funding; not because they're bad, but because they don't have massive marketing budgets like the other big charities people see around. I wanted a way to raise awareness about these small charities and to raise money for them - so I designed a running route that visits their head offices as a way to achieve both of those things. 

2. Why is there free beer and why are you taking a massive speaker?

I kind of feel like charity has a bad name, so I've set out to change that. Raise Your Hands is about making charity fun, interesting, innovative and engaging for people. So it's really important to me that this run is the same. By having a Beatbringer on the run, which is one of only four music systems of it's kind in the world, and free craft beer from an excellent new brewery, we're able to turn something that would stereotypically be about hardship, pain and struggle into something that's more fun and intersting for people. 

3. What are you most looking forward to?

Meeting people along the way and having people come and join me.

4. What are you least looking forward to?

Waking up in the morning with sore legs and having to force myself to get out running again. 

5. What do you think is the secret to completing this kind of distance?

I think there's a few things, but probably the most important is making sure that you eat properly within 45 minutes of finishing running. It really helps with recovery and should give you a better chance of feeling ok for the next day.

6. What do you think about when you are running?

I like taking in the scenery, being in the moment, and to be honest not thinking about a lot. Running is in part an enjoyable experience as you're not really thinking about anything apart from getting from A to B!

7. What is the most important tip that you would give to runners that are thinking of joining you?

Don't be scared by the distance. Most people can run a lot further than they think. It's all in the mind. If you can force yourself to believe that you can do something, you will be able to achieve it. 

8. Is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable?

I've genuinely got no idea! Which is it?! (They're a really good source of calories for running long distances by the way). 

9. What do you like watching on Netflix?

Have you actually seen Making a Murderer!? It's unbelievable. Watch that immediatley. 

10. Why is Donald Trump doing so well in America?

Because he's a puppet for the masterminds that have worked out the psychological insecurities of the majority of the American population. But I do secretly like watching his speeches because they're SO ridiculous!