Fuelling for a long journey

I'm attempting to run 27 marathons in 26 days, and what and how I eat is really important for giving myself the best chance of completing the journey. Food is not only imporant as fuel for running, it's also really important to help with recovery. So I thought I'd share some tips. 

In the morning I will try to eat as soon as I can after waking up so that my body has time to start digesting breakfast before I get on the trails. Normally it will be museli, nuts, bananas and some brown toast. If I had a cooker with me I would also consider having some brown rice. I try to take on a pint or so of water at breakfast, and avoid caffeine, which will give a short boost for the first few miles, but then will act like a ball and chain after that! 

During the run I mostly eat Tribe snacks. Their energy bars are completely natural and contain no unrefined sugars, which can be dangerous when running long distances as sugar gives a short high but then a consquent low. There are three flavours and they taste really good. They also have some trail mixes, which again are completely natural, great for a long burn source of energy and provide some variety on a long journey. 

Once I've finished running, I will have 50g of SIS Rego Rapid Recovery protein with a pint of full fat milk within 30 minutes of finishing - sooner if possible. Milk is 90 percent water so it helps with rehydration and it's got carbohydrates and protein. This shake is probably the most important intake of the day, as protein repairs exercise enduced muscle damage, so it really helps for not feeling stiff the next day. I'll then have about 500ml of electrolytes and another pint of water. 

After that I'll have a meal, ideally some chicken, potatoes and vegetables, anything really with high levels of carbohydrate and low in refined sugars. It's also important to have a bit more salt with your meals post run, as you lose a lot of salt through sweating.

During the afternoon I'll continue to hydrate, then have another meal in the evening. Rice, pasta, beans, potatoes are an important component, but don't over do it - otherwise you'll feel lethargic the next day! 

Hope that helps!!