Here are five ways you can help in under five minutes:

Click, tap, scroll… scroll… scroll some more, WHOA! You’ve just spent five minutes watching a pug in boots riding a skateboard. Why not do something good in those five minutes instead?  Here at Raise Your Hands we’re all about making life as simple as possible, so here are five quick and easy ways to help.

1) Like and Share us

Share the love people! The more you share, the more people will get to see the awesome work our charities do. A simple like can go a long way.

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2) Tell a Friend 

What’s the first rule of fight club?

What’s the first rule of Raise Your Hands?

Shout about it! We find many new members have heard about us through a friend. Please spread the word!

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3) Invite a friend to our events

Assemble your team and head down to one of our events; from boat parties to bingo we’ve got you covered.  Okay, so strictly speaking our events last longer than 5 minutes but telling your friends and selecting your ultimate bingo crew doesn’t.

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4) Sign up to our newsletter

Knowledge is power, right?!? Sign up to our monthly newsletter and prepare to become empowered!

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5) Become a member

If you just can’t get enough of our feel good vibes then why not join the party and become a member? No up selling, no tin shaking and no hassle and 100% of the money you give goes straight to the charities we support.

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