A night of Madness

The Royal Wedding wasn’t the only event to raise money for small charities on 19th May. From dusk until dawn on Saturday night, 25 iconic London locations became the battleground for 150 of the UK’s smartest business and academic minds, as teams fought to win the UK‘s first Midnight Madness. And all in aid of Raise Your Hands.

How did it work?

Each venue held a series of fiendishly difficult and high tech puzzles, built by an F1 team engineer. Teams from Goldman Sachs, GAM, MAN, and a cracker team of professors from Oxford University and UCL, battled overnight to reach the finish line.

Puzzles were built into immersive storylines using over 45 actors and volunteers. In one Matrix style scene, players negotiated with a gangland boss to gain access to a real underground rave, where a dancer with a fox tattoo held the key to progress.

Close up of players working on puzzles, lit up by mobile phone

Here are just a few other challenges the players had to overcome:

  • navigate a giant chessboard, while avoiding Mission Impossible style lasers
  • undertook an occult ceremony on a boat cruising down the Thames
  • conducted a 40-piece orchestra; solved a murder mystery in a boxing ring
  • spray painted on Leake Street
  • solved a brain-busting puzzle on the 32ndfloor of the Gherkin
  • finished by racing a pedalo across the Serpentine.

More pictures here

Who won?

Winners on the night were ‘Imitation Gamers’ from Cantab Capital who crossed the line in 12 hrs 30 mins. Honorary winners were the university professors, crossing the line within minutes of Cantab.

The event raised a phenomenal £240,000 for the RYH small charities, one of which was supported by Meghan & Harry.

MM participant spray painting a puzzle on a wall

 “Midnight Madness was uniquely exciting and challenging, where team work, exploration and puzzle solving come together to make an unforgettable experience.” Ewan Kirk, founder and CIO Cantab Capital.

Who put it together?

Midnight Madness was produced by Sharky & George, A Door In a Wall, The Exploration Society, Will Reynolds, Charlie Partridge and Raise Your Hands.

Sounds amazing. Can I play?

Planning is currently underway for Midnight Madness 2019! You can put your name down here and we'll keep you up to speed. Please keep in mind that Midnight Madness is a corporate fundraising event, hence the high fundraising targets per team.