Smoothing out the lumps

One of the challenges we’re trying to solve at RYH is lumpy or inconsistent funding for small charities.

Under the old income allocation system our members had a chance to vote for their preferred charities at the end of the year and donations were distributed on a sliding scale according to the vote. Under the 2017 system that could have been anywhere from £6k to £24k.

What we found was this system actually exacerbated the problem that we are trying to solve i.e. the amount a charity might get from RYH was unpredictable which makes business planning harder. We also found only a small proportion of members were taking up the offer of the vote.

So in 2018 and moving forward, the total pot we raise will be split equally between all 12 charities on the platform. We feel this is a fairer system and it will make things easier for our charities.

We’ll continue to offer you a say in where your money goes by suggesting new charities for the platform, alongside opportunities to volunteer and other benefits. We're always on the lookout for new ideas on how to give members a say so please feel free to comment below with any thoughts.

We're also pleased to say that we’re on track to deliver our largest total to date in 2018. Onwards and upwards!