At Raise Your Hands, we are developing a model of philanthropy that both supports charities that need help the most, and engages donors in an easy, empowering and rewarding way. 

We are focused on ensuring that people that give to charity do so on their terms, and that they are able to get something back in return. As such, we have developed a member benefit called 'Coffee Connections'. The objective of Coffee Connections is to connect our members with one another, so that they can develop their professional networks. It's nothing to do with charity, but is an added benefit that we can easily offer our community in return for becoming a member of Raise Your Hands.

The process is very simple. In the member area of our website, we have a page called Coffee Connections. Here we ask the individual 9 very simple questions, which profile their interests and professional objectives. On our back end, we match those interests and objectives with other people in the community that are looking at similar things. We then contact both people by email, and propose a date (normally a Friday), time and location for their coffee. We also send out their LinkedIn page, so that each person can look at the background of the other. If both parties accept, then the connection is made and the coffee takes place! 

Giving to charity should be easy and hassle free. It should be empowering, so that the donor maintains control of how their money is used. And it should be rewarding; charities need to work harder at looking after the needs of their donors. Coffee Connections is one way that we are able to do that. 

If you are a member of Raise Your Hands, log into the member area and complete the form here

Alternatively, sign up to be a member of Raise Your Hands for just £10 per month, and take advantage of Coffee Connections here