WeWork Waterhouse Square, 138 Holborn, London EC1N 2SW
Thursday 11th April, from 6:00pm

10x10’s MISSION

To empower the next generation of giving. 

10x10 London was launched in May 2017 and our first 5 events  engaged over 600 young professionals, supported 15 grassroots charities, raised over £135,000 and set a global fundraising record. The events have supported grassroots UK charities providing genuinely innovative solutions to social problems in the UK including combating drug and alcohol addiction, prevention of suicide in young men and professional coaching in prisons to reduce re-offending.  Nick Jenkins, founder of Moonpig and a 'Dragon for Good' at our May 2017 event commented: "This type of fundraising model for young professionals is exactly what’s needed in the charity sector at the moment."


Ten volunteer committee members organise a charity event, striving to run the event for free including venue, food and drink, to ensure that the maximum amount can be donated to the selected charities.

Each committee member invites at least ten of their friends (10x10... get it?) who donate a minimum of £60 to attend, creating a pool of at least £6,000 in donations.

There are 3 price options when you make a pledge: £60, £90 and £120. On the night your pledge gets turned into charity vouchers.

Three CHARITIES pitch their cause to the audience and describe their model and impact.

DRAGONS quiz the charities in front of the audience.

Each audience member then gets to put their Charity Pledges towards the charity (or charities) of their choice.

10x10 events in the UK are powered by Raise Your Hands, as the organisations share an aim: inspiring the next generation of donors to give effectively. This event is kindly being hosted by Pivotal Technology.


North London Cares belief is that there is so much to gain from bringing together older neighbours and young professionals through new shared experiences and friendship. While London is one of the most dynamic places in the world, it can also be anonymous, lonely and isolating amongst older and younger people living there. North London Cares, therefore, gives people the opportunity to become part of a community network that encourages people to hang out and help each other in our rapidly changing city.    


Bloody Good Period exists to eliminate period poverty and create a sustainable flow (pun intended) of essential menstrual products to those who can’t afford to buy them. Sadly, the reality is that they're a luxury that many refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK cannot afford. Bloody Good Period’s intention is to grow the number of food banks and drop-in centres they supply (currently 25 across London and Leeds), so that everybody has the right to a bloody good period!


Founded in 2008 by Gospel singer and saxophonist Marie Benton, The Choir with No Name offers those affected by homelessness or marginalised in society a safe space where they can express themselves, without labels or the fear of being judged and, of course, the chance to sing their hearts out! Founded on the premise that singing helps members feel good build their confidence and obtain key skills, the hugely diverse choir aims to put members in a better space when facing the many other challenges in their life…



Originally from China Holly Wang graduated from University of Greenwich and London College of Fashion before she founded Miss Patina, a UK based fashion brand which is stocked in more than 100 stores and boutiques across the UK, Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA. Holly is also a guest lecturer at different institutions such as Brighton Business School, British Council and London Business School.

TV presenter, Engineer, Adventurer, Broadcaster and Thrillseeker, Rob Bell became one of very few people to have ever successfully run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days in January 2015. His passion for the outdoors and nature has seen him travel widely within the UK and around the world - both on and off screen. Rob graduated from University of Bath with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and today remains passionate about raising the profile of Engineering amongst school kids.

Co-founder and CEO of the boutique travel brand Mr and Mrs Smith, Ed Orr is behind the strategy that developed this company into a successful international travel provider with offices in London, New York, LA and Singapore. Educated in Switzerland, Scotland and Spain, ed has a lifelong wanderlust that he brings to his role at Mr and Mrs Smith, as well as his other investments and active directorships, and his hobbies: climbing, hiking and skiing. 


Your Pledges will be available for collection at the venue on the night of the event. For a £60 pledge, you'll receive two £30 charity vouchers which you can allocate across the charities however you please. Options for £90 and £120 Pledges are also available which will give you additional vouchers. 

Receipts will be issued for the full amount of the Pledge price following the event.

To find out about what 10x10 is doing worldwide, click here or take a look at our Instagram here.

Click here if you can't attend but would like to make a donation!

10% of net donations are restricted to RYH and 10x10 for event administration and production. However, any additional Gift Aid claimed as well as the 90% of your donations go to our supported charities!

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