The Final Bid
Wed 14th Mar, 2018

A Door In A Wall are experts in designing exhilarating immersive treasure hunts, interactive murder mysteries and city-spanning challenges. Operating for nearly a decade now, they have built a huge following and are selling out events across London.

Don't just take our word for it. Check it out for yourself:

The Final Bid is one of their most popular immersive experiences. Usually not offered to the public and reserved for high spending corporates (given the cost of the event), A Door in a Wall have, in a one off exclusive for Raise Your Hands, offered to host this adventurous detective game at a massive discount. It's a once in a lifetime experience at a bargain price.

Welcome to The Final Bid.

The lowdown

Scour Chinatown on the hunt to solve the riddle of the death of Artie Fackes, and the subsequent auction of his priceless collection of Chinese antiquities. Can you piece together the clues left behind before his collection falls into the wrong hands?

The details

After arriving in the guise of buyers at an exclusive auction, players must soon turn to exploring the nearby streets for curious characters, clues and puzzles, collecting parts of the story as they go. Teams have several leads to follow up and must decide their own route around the clue locations.

After two hours out and about in the field, teams return to the starting location and have some time to consider the evidence they have gathered over a drink and decide which of the three suspects is the guilty party.

When all the findings have been turned in, a dramatic conclusion reveals the truth and one team goes home victorious.

The whole event takes 4 hours.


Teams are anywhere between 3 – 6 people. So either grab some mates or just come along and we’ll team you up.


If you’re a legend AND improving the lives of children by being a member of RYH, we’re gonna give this to you EVEN cheaper. Check your inbox.

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