What we've been up to this month:

This term, we have taken hundreds of children with additional needs to the theatre by arranging theatre trips with heavily discounted tickets for special schools. Some schools were also given a free workshop ahead of their visit so that the students could learn more about the show.

We recently caught up with one of the teachers who took part to find out what her pupils thought of their experience…

“Ben finds new situations really challenging but in the theatre he was really vocal. He sat next to the teacher and kept saying “ah!” and “look at that!” and was so amazed at what was going on. This was really lovely to watch as he went from being one of the least involved to one of the ones that really got a lot out of going.

Riyana stood up at the end of the theatre to join in with the standing ovation and genuinely clapped for the individual characters.

One girl still talks about the trip even now and it’s been 2 months! Every time they walk past the posters she says “can we go and see that again” and “remember when this happened?”. Her memory isn’t great but Wicked seemed to stick in there.

Genuinely just thank you – it’s an amazing experience and we wouldn’t do it otherwise. There isn’t any other company that offers the same opportunities as Mousetrap and the alternative would be not to go [to the theatre] at all.”