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Sarah’s Stagey Summer School Experience

Regular school may have been out for Sarah this summer but our performing arts summer school definitely wasn’t! Despite already doing a bit of drama, her mum told us that she was pretty nervous about what to expect before the first session. She was not used to travelling into Central London and was worried about making friends.

After the first couple of days she realised she didn’t need to worry though! Various activities meant everyone mingled and worked together and by the end of the week Sarah was really enjoying finding her way around central London. She had also gained some great performance skills that she was looking forward to using at her theatre group.

Sarah’s mum wrote to us after the project had finished to tell us exactly what it had meant to her...

“This has been an invaluable experience. In addition to the amazing performing arts skills that's she's learned, this has been so much more. She's learned how to commute, manage her time, make conversation with new people, work with people from different backgrounds, manage her budget for fares & spends for the week, explore a new part of London. My daughter is serious about working in the performing arts industry, this experience opened her eyes to different jobs in the industry that she wasn't aware of before.”