What we've been up to this month:

2019 is getting off to a flying start at Create. 7-8 year olds at Northwold Primary School in north London are taking part in A Wealth of Stages, our programme that uses drama to develop financial literacy. Our professional artists have also been taking music, drama and movement workshops to hospitals, hospices and respite centres, where they’re helping to relieve the stress and boredom often experienced by young patients. And we’re working with two London primary schools on a photograph and collage project that’s encouraging disadvantaged pupils to explore new ways of expressing themselves.
In November and December we developed a new project, Imagined Worlds, with Heathmere Primary School in Roehampton in south-west London. Working with our professional visual artist Jack Cornell, pupils aged seven and eight created large-scale art installations inspired by the environment and sustainability, which are now permanently brightening up the school’s classrooms and corridors.
One pupil who took part, eight-year-old Lily, shared her experience of the project:
“We’ve been doing 3D art and some collage. We’re making beautiful pictures by putting masking tape on these big papers and then painting it. We’re trying to tell people about recycling, because if you don’t recycle our planet will not be safe for us. If we put rubbish all around, our plants and the animals in the sea wouldn’t survive and neither would we. I think when people see the amazing artwork they’re going to think and then they’re going to recycle more.
“I’ve enjoyed how we worked together as a team and communicated what we would do. It’s been a lot of fun to work together and have great ideas to do in our pictures. I’ve learnt about collage and I’ve been doing loads of pictures at home.
“It was really enjoyable because when we do art we get so excited. Most of the time we don’t do art because we need to learn more. Doing something creative feels really fun and really frees my mind from all the hard work we have done in school. It helps you be not stressed when you’re just getting on with your art.”
Also in December and January…

  • A new blog post on our website tells the very personal story of how our project with dads in prison impacted the lives of one mother and daughter
  • Check out this article about our work with young carers in Bath, who took part in animation, photography and filmmaking workshops with us!
  • Later this year we’ll be launching changing:minds, a new three year multi-arts project working with pupils at all five special educational needs schools in Harrow, north-west London. Each year, the project will culminate in a showcase at Harrow Arts Centre. We can’t wait to get started – stay tuned!