What we've been up to:

We’ve had a busy November at Kidscape with Anti-Bullying Week and Friendship Friday. 

On Friendship, Friday, schools, workplaces, places of worship and people up and down the country celebrated friendship and shared some Food For Friendship.

Kidscape CEO Lauren Seager-Smith published an article for Premier Christian Youth and Children’s Work providing tips to nurture friendship and acceptance in faith-based youth groups: Three ways to encourage friendships in our youth groups

Writer Rachael Hambleton AKA Part Time Working Mummy wrote a heartfelt post about resolving conflict with her children and encouraging a culture of kindness.

Celebrities including Ken Hom, Jill Halfpenny and Matt Tebbutt celebrated Food for Friendship with their friends, along with schools and workplaces like Corby CSP.

During Anti-Bullying Week, our mission was to provide a ray of light to those experiencing bullying and show that there’s hope. Sometimes the week can be frightening and overwhelming for children and young people who are currently experiencing bullying. Using the hashtag #HopeAgainstBullying, we shared messages from people who had overcome bullying or wished to spread hope. Check out the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, and please feel free to contribute your own messages of hope to someone who is experiencing bullying right now.

A Kidscape ZAP workshop took place in the heart of Anti-Bullying Week and was observed by a representative from the Children’s Commissioner. Chris Thompson watched as children and their parents arrived at the workshop, and witnessed as they shared their stories with one another and came together with the common aim of learning how to stand strong against bullying. “The children I met today are as bright as they come; in a day free from the bullies, they were full of joy and laughter. They were also bewildered and baffled by the random pain and fear that has been visited upon their lives.

As Anti-Bullying Week comes to an end, it’s important to remember that workshops like these take place every two weeks, and they are always full.

So at the workshop, when Gemma says there is no quick fix, she is right: this is the start of a journey. Today these children realised they were not alone. They stepped out of the shadows and realised that they were not to blame.”