What we've been up to this month:

Between March and June, we piloted a brand new project called Change Your Tune at St Edward's Academy in Romford. Students created their very own 30-minute musical and the result was a mini masterpiece! 

The students’ show took us through the looking glass into an alternate dimension where their biggest anxieties and insecurities lived. The characters learned how to face these fears and cope with them back in the real world and by the curtain-call there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Teachers at the school had said they wanted the project help their young people build resilience in the face of anxiety. Students workshopped ideas and characters around this theme over a number of weeks and then worked with a professional playwright and musical director to make the piece stage-ready. 

'Where Are We Going?' was a smash hit with students, teachers, and families alike and the project left a lasting impression on everyone: 

"We were shocked, somewhat speechless, when we saw the show ... [my daughter's] self-confidence shone brightly throughout the performance"

"[Since Change Your Tune] I am able to put myself forward to do things and not be afraid of the judgement that might follow"