What they've been up to this month:

HIV can be treated effectively with HIV medicine these days. But taking medicine every day of your life is not that easy, especially when you are a teenager and life can get in the way! HIV can also affect other areas of life, how you feel about yourself, and affect mental health. Our Peer Support meet ups allow the wider impacts of HIV to be explored and better understood. Sharing feelings among peers can be very important to help address them and come up with coping strategies.

This month at CHIVA’s Peer Support meetup in Bristol, a psychologist from Bristol Children’s Hospital visited the group to explore well being, and what can help achieve it. Mental health needs care and attention when living with a lifelong chronic illness such as HIV, and these workshops go a long way in helping these young people.

CHIVA have also been very busy planning their two day conference that takes place in March, and we wish them the best of luck!