What we've been up to this month:

In addition to providing direct support to children and young people with HIV, CHIVA also aims to give them opportunities to contribute to improving wider knowledge and understanding of HIV, by sharing their views and experiences, and also to inform clinical practice, to influence how their health care is delivered.

In March two members of our Youth Committee took part in a film project to make a film telling the stories of people living with HIV. The film is being made to serve as an inspiration tool for people in faith communities, who have been newly diagnosed with HIV. The film aims to inspire hope and reflect how people have found their faith supportive in coming to terms with a life with HIV.

We also supported young people to get involved in a project looking at what support people need to have good adherence to their HIV medication. Adhering to HIV medication can be a huge challenge and young people with HIV will take medication everyday of their lives. The young people were able to inform the research team with their views and experiences, and these will influence how the adherence support programme is developed.

Our youth committee are also busy starting their plans to hold a Youth Symposium at our national conference in May and getting ready for one of their residential meetings being held next month. 

(photo credit: Kip Loades)