What we've been up to this month:

“Same way you are there for a kids with diabetes, same way I need you to be there for me.” 

What a young person said in a film CHIVA made urging schools to be better aware of the needs of children with HIV attending their schools.

In a poll of school teachers, 52% thought that HIV could be passed on through spitting and biting. Wrong. This is the kind of misinformation that CHIVA works to correct as it leads to reduce stigma around HIV and the risk that pupils with HIV will be discriminated against and bullied.

That’s why our WORLD AIDS Day campaign this year was for HIV Friendly Schools. We have been working hard in the past weeks to gain support for our campaign on social media and encourage schools to access our schools guidance materials to ensure all children with HIV in the UK get to go to HIV Friendly Schools and all pupils have access accurate HIV education.

It was fantastic to have Raise Your Hands promote our campaign on twitter and increase the numbers of people we can reach.

At the Wrap Party last week CHIVA were thrilled to receive our grant from Raise Your Hands. A huge thank you to all members for your ongoing support and interest in our work.