What we've been up to this month:

A big part of our work is ensuring the voices of young people growing up with HIV are heard; to raise wider awareness and understanding of HIV which helps address stigma – but also to make sure their needs and experiences are fully understood by the professionals looking after them, particularly health professionals.

‘Life Growing Up’ is a spoken word / storytelling performance created with young people who have grown up with HIV who participated in an arts engagement programme delivered by CHIVA this year. Three actors and a musician perform this piece which was written from the real stories and thoughts shared by these young people.

Critical transition issues are explored such as telling a sexual partner about your HIV, maintaining medication adherence and clinic engagement as you grow up and managing emotional and social issues associated with HIV.

We are excited that a live performance of 'Life Growing Up’ is taking place this week at the UK’s biggest health professionals conference for those working in HIV.

At CHIVA we believe it is critical that we help to enhance the treatment and care young people receive, and ensuring their clinical teams fully understand their needs and experiences is necessary to achieve this aim. Young people who took part in the project also described gaining confidence and feeling better about their lives and future aspirations.

'Life Growing Up’ is currently being made into a film, and we look forward to sharing that with you at the end of the year.