A thank you from CHIVA

CHIVA are absolutely thrilled to receive the donation from Raise Your Hands. We would like to send a huge thank you to all the members who have donated to Raise Your Hands. Your donations will make a significant impact to our work in 2017. At CHIVA we support children growing up with HIV across the UK. HIV remains highly stigmatised and the children we work with largely live with HIV in secret,  they often have complex needs in addition to the challenge of managing a complex and still life threatening health condition. Children can require a lot of support to enable them to live well with their HIV, and remain engaged with their clinical care. 

We will use the grant we have received from Raise Your Hands to pay for the hire of a residential accommodation venue, so that we can run our annual residential support camp for up to 100 children with HIV in August 2017. CHIVA support camp -named Freedom to Be- is a critical intervention to support children to acquire the knowledge, skills, and emotional support to live well with HIV, and most importantly to have the opportunity to meet other young people from across the UK who also live with HIV, with whom they can share experiences and build supportive friendships which continue after camp. 

Our support camp is our most expensive intervention, we cover every cost to the child attending, including their travel from where ever they live in the UK. Our evaluations show that attending camp can transform a child's experience of living with HIV. 

Thank you again for supporting Raise Your Hands, the grant we will receive will have a huge impact supporting children living with HIV to live well and have access to vital support and friendships.