Anthony's story:

Anthony (not his real name) is 12 and cares for his brother who has autism.

“I look after my brother after school and on weekends. I can remember helping him from when I was a toddler – he struggled to learn to speak so I would help him communicate.

“Young carers take on a lot at home. It’s really important that every now and then we have a chance to do something that’s just for us. When you spend time with other young carers you can share you problems and experiences with each other, which is really important.

“The Create project we’ve been doing is photography. Today we’ve been in Queen Victoria Park taking pictures of the scenery. I really love capturing the London skyline and how the city looks. 

“I think creativity is really important. It helps you understand who you are and what you want to do. It helps you express yourself. I wasn’t really a creative person before. Now I’m thinking about taking Art GCSE."

Hannah Witcomb, Project Coordinator on Anthony

“Before the Create workshops Anthony struggled with socialising with the other young people. He has quite niche interests, for example Japanese anime, and you could tell he felt different.

It was great to see Anthony really engage. The workshops have given him something he knows he’s good at. He’s more comfortable within the group and with himself. He’s speaking out now, metaphorically and literally – he’s happier to give his opinion but also he is talking at a louder volume.

He’s older than others in the group and he’s taken on a role model position. There is one of the other young carers who Anthony has become an older brother figure for. He’s been able to take the increased confidence and social skills he’s developed and apply them to other areas of his life.”