What we've been up to this month: 

August is always a rewarding and busy month at Create! It’s when we run the majority of our work with young carers, for whom school holidays can often be a difficult time. They can experience an increase in their caring responsibilities, meaning they don’t get to enjoy their summer break in the way other young people do. In fact, 72% of young carers report feeling lonely during the school holidays.
This month we ran an incredible 153 workshops with over young carers from Bath to Birmingham; Nottingham to Brighton. Working with our professional artists, the young carers who took part developed new creative skills, built confidence and had the chance to socialise with other young people who also care for a loved one. Young carers can be as young as four.
One of our projects took place in Southwark, south-east London, where young carers built sculptures with our professional artist Sam Haynes. Hope, who is 10 and cares for her mum, took part in the project and told us about her experiences:
“I’ve been using mannequins and designing sculptures using materials – foam, string, wool. Mine’s very colourful. It’s quite new because I’d never spray-painted a mannequin or bubble wrap before! I’ve learnt that you don’t need to use rock to make a sculpture, you can use basically anything you can see.

“It feels so good to get my creativity out in the open. Whatever comes up in my mind, I can just do it. You can put anything anywhere. I’m looking forward to displaying the sculptures because billions of the public will be there to see them.

“I like how we all participated and used everyone’s ideas and listened to what could make it better. I knew a few people and I’ve made friends with the people I didn’t really know before. It’s like a young carer family.

“I can’t really do that much art because of my mum. My mum comes first. I have to put everything aside to look after her. This project helps young carers because it’s like a holiday. It just makes you feel a bit more casual in yourself. You think about your mum and you just feel like ‘Everything’s going to be alright, I can do this, I believe in myself’. It’s really nice.”

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