What they've been up to this month: 

Create have been super busy over February directing loads of workshops and projects!

One such project was their ‘A Wealth of Stages’ project, that gave 56 eight and nine year old children at Northwold Primary School in Hackney the chance to develop their financial literacy through drama. Inspired by a trip to the Bank of England Museum, the pupils worked with Create’s professional drama artists to devise a play exploring the world of finance, which they performed to an audience of friends, family and VIP guests – including Diane Abbott MP!

Ellie, who took part in the project, told Create about her experiences:

“I really like the acting and what parts people have in the play. And I really like my part! Our play teaches people that you shouldn’t be selfish with money, and shouldn’t show it off if you

have lots. Other people who don’t have much money will be jealous. We wrote all the scenes for the plays ourselves. We were in groups of two or three and in my group we decided there should be one person doing the writing, one person coming up with ideas and then another one doing back-up with the writing and ideas. I liked working with Create’s drama artists. I really liked how they put the play together, because it must be hard putting a play together. I enjoyed the warm-ups before the actual acting, too. I’m not nervous about the performance. The only thing I can think about is my lines, and other people’s lines, because you might get someone else’s line stuck in your head and get confused. My mum said she might not be able to come to the performance but I’m going to ask other people in my family, like my Nan. I’m really excited about it.”