What we've been up to this month: 

Late last year we received a phone call from the brilliant team at Raise Your Hands to let us know that they had selected Create to be a long-term charity partner. Such sustainable funding is an incredible gift, enabling us to plan with confidence; and we’re delighted to be involved in another year of fun, enterprising and rewarding fundraising. After being awarded an amazing £19,500 at the Raise Your Hands wrap party last November, we’re excited to be kicking off another year of fundraising activities that will enable us to empower the lives of many more vulnerable children.

Already, the money raised by RYH members in 2016 is sparking creativity and enhancing the lives of isolated young carers up and down the country. We play a vital role in helping carer services to reach the growing number of young carers being identified and enable them to reclaim their childhood. As one young carer told us, “Your workshops made me feel like I was the one being cared for.”

The funding that you raise this year, however, will be used more broadly. We want to make your money go further so that we can reach out to other groups of disadvantaged young people in addition to young carers including: young patients; children with disabilities; schoolchildren in areas of deprivation; and young offenders and their children.

During January, for example:

  • We’ve worked with vulnerable children in Westminster to deliver eye-opening animation workshops, led by our professional filmmaker Jack Cornell. The children were captivated by the magic of stop-motion animation, following a visit to the inspiring art collection at British Land’s head office.
  • We’ve been creating bold and vibrant prints with young people with disabilities in Tower Hamlets. Once these are complete, they’ll be used as props and set design for their upcoming filmmaking workshops. Stay tuned to see their short film!
  • We’ve taken the wonder of storytelling and music to young patients at nine hospitals and hospices, helping to distract them from their illnesses and injuries.

In December, we visited in Merton where our jewellery designer Hayley Kruger showed young carers how to experiment with shimmering materials and intricate design techniques to produce a range of jewellery (very special Christmas gifts), as well as Christmas decorations. One of the young carers is Cameron. Cameron’s older brother has severe Global Development Delay, microcephaly and epilepsy. Now seven, Cameron has been caring for him since he was four years old.

“We’ve been making jewellery by twisting and twirling the materials around, then tying them up. Today we’ve been doing designs with ribbon. We’re going to hang them from Christmas trees, so the trees can be decorated.

“I felt very happy working with Hayley because she was so kind. It was lots of fun working with the rest of the group too, and now I’ve made lots of new friends. By taking part I’ve learnt that working in a group is not all about me – it’s about listening to others and having respect.

“Workshops like these really help young carers like me. It’s so much fun getting to  make creative, colourful stuff. Now that it’s the last session, I feel sad that you’ll never ever come back!”

Don’t worry Cameron - Create will be back in Merton in February!

To find out about more of our projects with disadvantaged and vulnerable children and adults visit our blog.