What we've been up to this month:

June has been a busy and uplifting month at Create. On Election Night, we attended the Charity Awards ceremony at the Tower of London, where we were presented with the prestigious Arts, Culture and Heritage Award! And our winning streak continued later in June, when we won the Foundation for Social Improvement Small Charity Big Impact Award. We are delighted about these achievements, which play an important role in helping us to raise awareness of the issues faced by our participants and the power of creative arts in empowering their lives.

June also saw us take a range of inspiring creative programmes to children and young people across the country. We made spontaneous music with young hospital patients, brought pupils from mainstream and special schools together to explore photography, and designed and animated characters with children with autism. 

Claire, 14, took part in a dance and movement project that paired her mainstream school with a school for pupils with Severe and Complex Learning Disabilities. She shared her thoughts on the project with us:

“I found the project quite challenging at first.  I wasn’t sure how to interact with the other students and was nervous to get involved. I also used to get stage fright, but I soon learnt that there were no reasons to be shy or scared. No one’s perfect so why should we be afraid of trying things out with others?

“I didn’t know any disabled people before this project so I wasn’t sure how we’d work together as a team. It sounds stupid, I used to think of disabled people as those that couldn’t walk but in the workshops I saw that disability comes in many forms. I thought they might struggle with certain things and they proved me wrong. I have a different understanding of disability now. I saw that the disabled students had so much fun being creative and getting stuck into the activities.

“I think the workshops have made me a kinder person and have taught me not to judge people. I definitely wouldn’t be as unsure interacting with a disabled person now.”

Also this month:

  • We released a moving short film featuring Sophie, a young carer who sang a solo in a performance at our Design Museum event back in March. Thanks to Rampage Studio for making the film!
  • In Winchester, young carers celebrated their achievements during Carers Week with a showcase of music and photography at the University of Winchester. See them performing one of their original songs here!
  • Our Chief Executive Nicky Goulder wrote about what winning the Arts, Culture and Heritage Award at the Charity Awards means for Create
  • To get a peek behind the scenes at a Create project, check out this new video about our animation project with pupils diagnosed with autism
  • Young carers in Wandsworth got creative with cameras.