What we've been up to this month:

This month, we’ve explored an inspiring range of creative art forms with children and young people around the country. From Birmingham to Essex, our participants have collaged life-size self-portraits, taken photos in sensory environments, and created new pieces with our professional musicians. Confidence was bolstered, stress relieved, and new friendships formed – and that’s just a taste of what’s been going on. As May turns into June, the summer half term means we’re busy bringing a multitude of projects to young carers.

Fatama works on the Surjamuki Project, which caters for young people with disabilities living in the Tower Hamlets area. We worked with these young people on a filmmaking project – they created a horror! - which sparked confidence and built new friendships. Fatama described the experience:   

“I can think of so many examples of our young people enjoying the Create project. They enjoyed every second.

“Today they just completed the film. Wow, they could act! We’ve done role play in the past, but putting it into action in a video and in a film, that’s something new for us. They got everything together, you guys worked really hard with them; I thought it was a really nice adventure. As soon as you talk about the film, there’s a big smile on the young people’s faces.

“I believe everybody deserves the chance to do something creative. My young people learned to work in groups and it gives them the opportunity to socialise. Some of my young people don’t socialise with other young people, the only socialising they do is when they’re doing some activity like this.

“I have one young person – when she started here, she used to be very quiet, not talking to anyone at all because she went through a really hard time in life, and when she started with us it was one or two words, that would be it. And now, after the projects that they’ve done with Create, she’s socialising more with the young people around her, talking more, laughing more. She wakes up extra early just to come to us, her mum was saying.”

Also this month:

  • Watch the horror film made by Surjamuki Project participants on our Youtube channel, and find out what makes a wedding go horribly wrong
  • Check out these epic life-size self-portraits created by children and young people in west London diagnosed with autism
  • Young carers in Milton Keynes fashioned something special to take home in our jewellery-making workshops.
  • In Swindon, young carers took to the stage to perform the original pieces they created with our professional musician
  • Young carers in Birmingham designed a character and then brought them together in quirky stop-motion animations
  • We brought introspective printmaking to Uxbridge, where young carers worked with our professional visual artist to create beautiful images of objects important to them
  • Young patients and their families got musical in hospitals in Berkshire and Oxford, in joyful, spontaneous activities with our musicians
  • We’ve been shortlisted for the Charity Awards’ prestigious Arts, Culture and Heritage Award. Fingers crossed for 8 June!