What we've been up to this month:

This month, we received the exciting news that a photograph taken by two young carers during our inspired:arts project had been selected for a book curated by renowned photographer Rankin – from over 11,000 submissions! Ella and Yasmin, who are both nine and live in Newham in east London, took the photo during a trip with our professional photographer Adele to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The book, This is Britain, was created by Children in Need and PhotoBox and is on sale now. Congratulations, Ella and Yasmin!

Anthony, a young carer in Newham who also took part in the photography project, told us about his experiences:

“The project we’ve been doing is helping me unleash my creative side. Today we’ve been in Queen Victoria Park taking pictures of the scenery and the things around us. I really love landscape photography and capturing the London skyline and how the city looks. Adele has taught me how to set up the camera and compose photos to get the image I want.

“I think creativity is really important in someone’s life. It helps you understand who you are and what you want to do. It helps you express yourself. I also did a Create t-shirt making project in August. I wasn’t really a creative person before then and I didn’t think much of art but the Create workshops have helped me realise that there are loads of exciting artforms I can explore. Now I’m thinking about taking Art GCSE.

“I look after my brother after school and on weekends. I can remember helping him from when I was a toddler – he struggled to learn to speak so I would help him communicate. Being a young carer has affected my life in lots of ways, good and bad. Young carers take on a lot and do a lot at home, so it’s really important that every now and then we get together and have a chance to do something that’s just for us. When you spend time with other young carers you can share you problems and experiences with each other, which is really important.”

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