Right now, the UK is in the grip of an urgent crisis. Across the country, 700,000 children and young people are providing care for a disabled or unwell Mum, Dad or sibling. This can include anything from cooking and cleaning to measuring out and administering their loved one’s daily medication. 68% of these young carers are bullied in school and can experience overwhelming feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Create believes that – using the power of the creative arts – young carers can scribble, sculpt or sing their way into a world of possibility, confidence and colour. Find out how.  Our exceptional professional artists spark ambition, confidence and joy in society’s most marginalised children. Our workshops give socially isolated young carers the freedom to create boundless, impassioned works of creativity and equip them with the self-esteem and social skills to paint their way to a brighter future. As one told us, “your project made me feel like I was the one being cared for”

Please enable us to empower their lives and vote Create! See the difference that your vote will make



  • could fund a confidence-boosting animation project, allowing anxious young carers in one community to overcome low self-esteem and build emotional resilience in the face of bullying.


  • could - in addition - fund a brand new project in a rural or isolated area, giving shy young carers - who undertake a level of responsibility well above their age - the chance to choreograph and perform a dance piece for the person they care for, letting them glow with pride.


  • could - in addition - fund a teamwork-based sculpture project, bringing lonely and isolated young carers together over Christmas (some as young as five), making them feel less alone. Create could also exhibit and celebrate their achievements in a public installation, firmly embedding them within their community.