What we've been up to this month:

Our main piece of news this month is our exhibition, THIS IS ME – Care Leavers, Identity & Sense of Place, which is on display at the Saatchi Gallery until 5th June!
London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and the place that many of us call home. Everybody has a different story that connects them to this vibrant city, its prominent landmarks and hidden places. We're shaped by our surroundings, the people we meet, the streets we walk, the food  we eat and the different cultures we encounter in the capital.

THIS IS ME explores the relationship between place and identity as experienced by young care leavers in London. Having grown up in an environment of constant uncertainty, for them, long-term relationships, a secure home and a foreseeable future cannot be taken for granted. The city then becomes a sanctuary of memories created in different places at different times: the childhood home, the first school, the first foster home, the second school, the second foster home, the third school, the first hostel, the second hostel, the first flat...

We travelled across London to capture the unique story of each young person in their portrait. The places the young people took us carry deep personal meaning, representing an intimate connection only known to the individual. For some of them, this did not only mean revisiting a specific place, but also reliving past experiences and emotions. Sharing their memories and stories with you, shows extraordinary personal strength and generosity.
Go on a journey across the capital and revisit its landmarks and ordinary places we walk past every day through the eyes of a care leaver. Listen to their pertinent stories and discover a different and unique perspective of this great city we live in.
To promote the exhibition we also launched a SELFIE CHALLENGE:

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