What we've been up to this month:

A group of 9 motivated young people from Drive Forward went on a one week trip to Dijon and Paris to meet with French care-experienced people. The project “Witness to your life” (follow them on instagram) is a youth-led cooperation exploring care experience, contemporary stigma, prejudice and success stories of UK and French care leavers.

We teamed up with Apprentis d’Auteuil who invited us to their young people’s hostel near Dijon and introduced us to the French care system as well as their own approach to provide effective support to help young people become independent and happy members of society.

Working with audio, video and photography, the aim of the project is to create a multi-media exhibition shedding light on CARE, it’s impact on individuals and society, how it is perceived and what it means to those who have experienced it.

Whilst the group was working hard to achieve their project goals during an info and events packed week, there was also plenty of time for leisure, exploration and discovery! We tasted snails (not glitchy at all!) and drank fantastic wine; we had a relaxing yoga session; a successful English head chef took us to the market explaining traditional French food culture; and so much more.

To grasp all stories from both sides of the channel, we’re looking forward to welcoming a group of French young people in London early next year!
And of course, if RYH members would like to get involved in the project (e.g. run a photography/videography workshop; has access to equipment we could borrow; can help us promote the exhibition next year or provide space etc.) please get in touch!