What we've been up to this month:

FBB x Nike: City of Nations

Football Beyond Borders (FBB) teamed up with Nike London to deliver the ‘City of Nations’ project. This championed the power of diversity, inclusion, and cohesion experienced by young Londoners during the World Cup across multiple platforms and media.

“London is arguably the most diverse and international city in the world. So when 32 nations come together for the World Cup, football dominates the cultural landscape, capturing the hearts and minds of the capital in a unique manner” explains FBB’s Head of Delivery Joseph Watfa.

City of Nations took place away from the glossy studios of images styled by professionals. Instead it was about meeting young Londoners on their own home turf. They got to be themselves and wear what they want, in the heart of their communities.

The project consisted of three parts each documenting the diverse identities of FBB’s young people. The first of these was run during FBB’s schools programme. Three groups from across the city explored notions of multiculturalism, identity, and immigration through football.

Part two consisted of video interviews and photography sessions with some of FBB’s young people. These videos were released on Nike London’s Instagram page as well as featuring in Nike’s flagship store in Oxford Street, London.

The final stage of the project was an image selection by the young people involved in the project for a photography exhibition that will coincide with the end of the World Cup as well as the production of a magazine.