What we've been up to this month:

FBB participants join the FA media team to cover England vs Italy

The phrase ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ is a big one but was relevant for some FBB participants this week who were part of the matchday England FA media team at Wembley.

Six FBB participants, all aged 14-16 years old, were tasked with covering a broad range of tasks, including pitchside photography and film as well as writing reports on the match for the FA website and Social Media platforms. As FBB participant Archie Alvarez reflected,  ‘it was an incredible first hand experience as I got to try something new and meet my heroes!’.

Fellow FBB participant Jake Thomson went one step further stating that it was the ‘best thing I have ever done and something I would love to do again in the future. I got to meet new people who helped me like Greg, their social media guy, and I saw the players up front in person.’

As FBB Head of Education Joe Watfa summarised, ‘the pioneering ‘FA x FBB For All’ project was a real display of the transformative potential of education when learning comes alive. At all stages of the project the students hunger and passion to learn was evident as was their commitment to excellence. We would like to thank the FA for this opportunity and look forward to providing more inspirational learning opportunities in the future.’

FA Football For All presentations at Wembley

FBB participants from the Elmgreen School and Chestnut Grove academy had an unforgettable experience presenting their work to the English Football Association (FA) media team at Wembley.

Since the beginning of 2018, we have been partnering with the FA for a joint project exploring football as an inclusive platform for all people regardless of their background.

The young people impressed the FA panel, sharing their ideas and knowledge with confidence.
It was a very competitive and close race, but the Chestnut Grove Academy year 9 team were the ones who grabbed the champion title by a small margin.

The winners couldn't hide the excitement and kept on emphasizing how grateful they were for this experience. ‘We feel amazing! Can’t believe we’ve done this! We’ve worked so hard and we achieved the outcome we’ve all been waiting for. ‘ said FBB participant Archie Alvarez.

Even though there is only one winner, the rest of the FBB family did not go home without a sense of achievement.  Having been blessed with an opportunity to present their projects at the home of English Football to the representatives of one of the most prestige football organisations, all of the young people were also rewarded with a trip to England vs Italy game!

Case Study: Marley DaSilva 

Marley is a true leader on and off the pitch, inside and outside the classroom. Whilst he is a dedicated FBB Schools participant, who utilises his charisma and teamwork skills to unite and bring the best out of his team, his love for football  and passion for FBB goes beyond the game of football. He is also a part of FBB Youth Voices: programme for developed for our participants who display a keen interest in digital media and journalism.

Over the last few months Marley and his friend Cerny have been working on a photography project which explores the issues that lay behind the mainstream side of professional football. They focused on themes such as racism, sexism and inequality. This month, they had an opportunity to present their ideas to one of The Basement's figureheads Alex Ropes and British Vogue Fashion Editor Poppy Kain.

The industry professionals gave invaluable feedback and shared advice based on their own career journey. Marley can't wait to make the best out of the final photography project as well as continue reaching new heights with FBB!