What we've been up to this month:


FBB participants produced a promotional campaign for FBB's very own magazine 'Oh So South'. It was an invaluable opportunity for our young people to develop transferable skills, learning along side industry professionals and experienced FBB staff members, as well as develop confidence in their own abilities. Our participants, produced and starred in promotional video campaigns for the magazine as well as designed the social media marketing strategy.  
Senior Practitioner Bruk Abdu who helped the students edit and put their final videos together reflected: “It is amazing to witness the development and growth of their idea over this period of time. Seeing the sense of achievement that the young people felt having seen their ideas come to life and be celebrated across social media is great. It shows that there is huge scope to bring in creativity and digital social media into the educational process in a meaningful and substantial way.” 

FBB Find New Home in Angell Town 

It's a new chapter in FBB history. We've have relocated to our headquarters in Angell Town Brixton. This move is much more meaningful than simply a new office for staff -  our goal is to establish a space for young people, a transformative learning centre for the local community.
Speaking about the decision to move, FBB’s Head of Delivery Joseph Watfa said: “It’s great because we have a really strong connection with the local community. Now being here more permanently we can deepen that relationship.”

“The space which overlooks the football pitch will also be vital in our efforts to scale-up our programmes, offering us a site from which we can run a number projects particularly during the holidays.”

The proposed learning hub will feature cutting-edge media equipment and learning resources that young people may not normally have access to. From here FBB will be running non-school based projects as well as the Youth Voices media programme as well as the Community Youth Council.

FBB’s Fundraising and Female Participation Coordinator Rebekah Keane, who will be heading a crowdfunding campaign later in the summer to help with equipping the learning hub, noted the particular importance of spaces like this for young people from lower-income families.

“The challenges facing our youth in London are wide-ranging and many. In our wonderful city, young people are often bereft of spaces to call their own. They suffer from a severe drop of stimulation during the school holidays and they lack access to cutting-edge technologies needed to make their voices heard.”