What we've been up to this month:

Ayla has recently been nominated to receive the Jack Petchy Award from FBB for her outstanding commitment to the programme and her consistent display of the FBB core values of leadership, teamwork and resilience. When Ayla began working with FBB at the start of the previous academic year, she was a very talented student and football player but found establishing strong friendships difficult. She was not only shy but also lacked belief in herself.

Now, her confidence has manifested in the core values. In particular, it was an amazing change to see her decide to take on a leadership role in her group for the filming during the project ‘blue plaque rebellion’. It was also notable that Ayla refused to have photographs taken or talk in films last year; this is no longer an issue for her.

Ayla has begun to develop good relationships with the other participants in the programme. She speaks with Tanit and Neha outside of the programme and they are all positive influences on one another. It has been a pleasure to watch her self-esteem grow, we hope to see this trend continue and her to use the programme to help her flourish in all areas of her studies.