What we've been up to this month:

Since Martin Lewis spoke so openly about the premature death of his mother, when he was just 11 years old, Grief Encounter have been inundated with messages. Some people looking for support, others offering theirs and some just wanting to share their story of loss. Here is one such message:

"I only wish such a group as Grief Encounter existed years ago for all of us who had to manage our loss, our trauma, without any like support..... but I am more than pleased that a body such as Grief Encounter now exists and is there for all those children that suffer close familial loss (mother father etc.) at so early an age...... who desperately need back up...... more than admirable...."

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Yoga and Mindfulness

Grief Encounter ran a Yoga and Mindfulness afternoon for their families recently. Here is some feedback which beautifully sums up the event:
“Thank you so much for the yesterday’s experience with yoga and mindfulness. The kids loved yoga and enjoyed the game of telling the story by one sentence each kid – they got inspired and we played it on the tube on our way home.
For us, the parents, a mindfulness workshop has also been a blessing. We don’t get many occasions to relax so deeply and knowing that the kids are well cared of and we have some time just for ourselves, to connect with our inner selves, to slow down and to hear our breaths has been pure pleasure. We would love to participated in similar family workshops in the future and the GE team was lovely as usual.”