How we've spent the 2018 grant to date

We would like to give our most sincere thanks to Raise Your Hands. Your grant has been allocated towards our one-to-one work, and makes a significant difference and impact to the bereaved children and families we support.

Through your generosity we have been able to continue our crucial work to help bereaved youngsters deal with the loss of a parent or sibling and process the distress young people experience following the death of a loved one.

Children often feel lost and isolated following a significant bereavement; they can believe everyone close to them will leave them or die. They have trouble trusting and live in a sense of fear. The emotions experienced by a grieving child can have life-altering and long-lasting negative impacts on a child’s development. Children in this mind set need appropriate intervention to work through these feelings.

We help children through these dark days and change their lives with your vital support.

Grief Encounter Impact graphic

The Raise Your Hands grant was allocated to support £2,083 per month towards the costs of one-to-one counselling for 12 months. £12,500 of the funds are due to be spent in the period July – December 2018.

During the period of January – June 2018 Grief Encounter provided a total of 348 counselling sessions per month, totalling over 2000 hours of counselling, Raise Your Hands supported the above sessions.