You might have seen the worrying news about sexual harassment and sexual bullying in schools this month. At Kidscape we fully support the Women and Equalities Committee's inquiry into this issue. We’re really concerned about this and wonder if there’s any correlation between the rise in teenagers accessing online pornography, the continued rise in sexting and a report from BBC News of 5,500 sexual offences recorded in UK schools between 2011-14. There’s an urgent need to get an accurate picture of how safe our children are in school.

It’s the seventh year of our ZAP Plus residential course at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire (please see photo from 2015). We’ve just opened applications and have invited young people who’ve already taken part in our flagship ZAP anti-bullying and assertiveness workshops. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to meet new people, try out new things and revisit some of the skills they learnt in their first session with us. The whole weekend is free for the young people. We’ll have photos and feedback to share with you in our July update.

An individual who is completing an amazing challenge for us was featured heavily in the London Marathon coverage over the weekend. It’s always great for us to get national exposure as it’s really hard for small charities to get that level of attention from the press. That’s why everything you’re doing at Raise Your Hands is so amazing. It’s wonderful to be able to share our work with a new audience and we’re very grateful for your support.

Our Director of Services Peter has just finished training over 100 teachers in London, Leeds and Birmingham in e-safety and cyber bullying issues. He worked with Teaching Leaders, who are an educational charity that focus on developing outstanding middle leaders in the most challenging schools.

And…we’ve got our thinking caps on for the next financial year and have had some very exciting meetings about a future project – so watch this space; we will of course keep you updated!