“I have anger issues. Doing PACS helped me not to make things physical.”

Hello Raise Your Hands!

Firstly, it was so lovely to see your very own Ed pop in to the office on the first day of his RYH1000 run! We’re in awe of him – 27 marathons in 26 days is truly amazing, and we’d like to say a huge thank you again to him and to all of you too for supporting him. We supplied water and admired his cool BeatBringer speaker, although it does look really heavy!!

We’ve gone global - we’ve worked across three continents in the past month! We’ve trained staff in Europe, South America and Asia in safeguarding, child protection, e-safety and cyber bullying. This included our Director of Services Peter working with Nord Anglia International School in Hong Kong and our trainer Jane delivering sessions at the British School of Rio de Janeiro (just after the Olympics finished – sadly we don’t have any pics of her joining in on the athletics track!).

One of the delegates in Hong Kong told us: “The course was pitched perfectly and enabled me to update my knowledge so I could apply it immediately. The discussions were focused and relevant...this was great not only to recap but as an introduction to new policy reforms.”

We’re also really pleased to say that we’ve secured some funding to restart one of our projects, Positive Assertive Confidence Skills (PACS) in partnership with other organisations in the North West of England. This project targets young people who may be at risk of becoming bullies themselves, so is different from our ZAP project that we’ve told you about, which works with young people who are being bullied. It’s vital work that needs to be done so that the whole cycle of bullying can be prevented. 

Here’s why it’s so important:

“I have anger issues. Doing PACS helped me not to make things physical.”

“It’s helped me to control myself. I’m now better at walking away from an argument.”

“It has helped me to sort things not in a rude way. To act politely and to be assertive.”

“I’m taking part in more things. PACS helps you to grow more skills like co-operating and doing the right thing.”

“It’s given our pupils self-esteem and ways of working things out without being aggressive. They’ve worked through various scenarios and learnt different ways of responding to others. They are stepping back, thinking before acting and using their judgement. They really enjoyed the role plays. They are now less likely to take offence when someone says something to them.”

August is always a quiet time for us as we’re busiest during term time, but as the school holidays draw to a close we’re now gearing up for the next academic year in the office. So we’ll have lots to tell you about next month. And…in case you’re wondering about that Department for Education bid we’ve mentioned – we’re expecting to hear back in September. We will of course let you know!