What they've been up to this month:

Kidscape, our amazing anti-bullying charity runs workshops for children to boost their confidence and run awareness against bullying. They’ve been busy getting ready for Safer Internet Day which falls on February 6th this year. Kidscape are giving resources to empower grandparents to talk to their grandchildren about online safety, and support them through bullying.

Meanwhile, Kidscape are still helping schools hold Friendship Friday events, using their free resources to teach children about positive relationships. Crowmarsh Gifford School held a Friendship Friday in December. Mrs Roberts told them: 

"I had set up a friendship activity (friendship recipe) which made them assess what was important to them in a friendship. Several posters were up saying things like 'honesty' 'kindness' etc and they put their names on a post-it and stuck it to the ones that were important to them. We made friendship bracelets, I bought some beads in from home so they could add these on if they wanted to make them extra special, this was extremely popular with pretty much the whole of KS2 making a bracelet!”