What we've been up to this month:

Defying the usual anti-climax that is January, we have had a very exciting start to the year with new faces, new projects and a touching story from our ZAP training programme that reminded us what Kidscape is all about:

Lauren takes over as CEO

We bid a very fond farewell to Claude Knights, who was at Kidscape for 15 years and brilliantly stood at the helm for 8 years - her inspirational quotes will be sorely missed. Stepping into the breach is Lauren Seager-Smith, formerly of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, who brings a great deal of experience and passion to the continuation of our mission.

The EARA project picks up steam

Jade Gayle has joined the team to spearhead our new Extremism and Radicalisation Awareness programme, rolling out in March to 8 London Boroughs. The need for additional support for school staff has been highlighted by David Anderson QC (independent reviewer of terrorism legislation), and this project is funded by the Department for Education. We’re really excited about this new direction to our work, which still remains so core to our mission to keep children safe from all kinds of abuse.

“We are with you”

Last week saw the first ZAP of the term, Kidscape's one-day assertiveness workshop that helps young people to deal with bullying situations. One of the ZAP activities asks children to write down a key message that they would want someone who is being bullied to hear. We were particularly moved by the response of one young person, which you can see in the photo above.

This message is at the heart of our work and with our incredible team of staff and volunteers and with your support, we look forward to sharing it with many more children over the coming years.