What we've been up to this month:

June saw the sun come out for our annual Stowe trip:

On Friday 23rd June, 11 young people travelled from different parts of the country to attend our annual residential weekend. The programme is held at prestigious Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. The 11 young people who had previously attend a ZAP workshop were paired up with a 6th Form Stoic mentor who became their partner for the weekend.

We have worked with Stowe School as the venue for this weekend for the past 9 years because it is able to offer incredible facilities, enthusiastic teachers and above all an environment where the Kidscape participants can be safe and free from bullying. It is quite an incredible experience.

From jumping off the "Leap of faith" 12 metres up, through to learning how to project their voices over the distance of a field, the young people threw themselves into every activity. One young person said "Thank you for allowing me to be myself. Many people don't understand me but this weekend I have been accepted and have made real friends".

So many people help to make this unique weekend so special. Mr. Bruno Wang helps to fund the weekend whilst the teaching staff under the leadership of Headteacher Dr. Wallersteiner go out of the way to make it the most memorable of weekends.

Thank you everyone - especially the young people who take up the extraordinary challenge of participating in such a challenging but rewarding programme.