What we've been up to this month:

For children in Year 6, it’s getting close to time to start secondary school. This can be a time of excitement, but for some children it can be daunting or scary. This summer, Kidscape is planning workshops across England to prepare Year 6s for the big move by building confidence and self-esteem and helping children learn what to do to stand strong against bullying, and make new friends.

These RISE workshops are a brand new project from Kidscape. This year’s round of workshops, which will run at five venues across England will be a pilot which we’re hoping to roll out at a bigger scale over the coming years.

Bookings are currently open, and if you know a child in Year 6 who would benefit from a little help preparing for Kidscape, please apply to come to a RISE workshop at www.kidscape.org.uk/rise

We’ll let you know how the workshops went in our August update to Raise Your Hands!