What we've been up to this month:

This March, Kidscape has run three of our ZAP workshops in London and Birmingham.
These workshops are fun and free, and give children and families the skills they need to stand up to bullying. On the day, children get together and learn confidence and assertiveness skills. Meanwhile, in a separate workshop, their parents and carers learn how to support their children with their new skills, and gain expert knowledge in support sources and their legal rights.
On top of the skills and knowledge gained, there is a benefit in attending ZAP workshops which cannot be taught: knowing that you are not alone, and that there are others going through the same thing. This feeling makes a gigantic difference to those in a difficult, bullying situation.
One mum who attended a ZAP workshop says:
“We all felt that we got something out of the day. For me personally it made me realise that I haven't done anything wrong as a parent, we are not on our own with this, there are others out there going through the same situations, and we can get support.”
Another says:
“I felt very alone before contacting Kidscape and now we all feel much more confident and able to deal with the situation”
And a ZAP child says:
“The whole day was fun but meeting others who had the same problem made me feel not alone. I found some good friends.”
This month’s Kidscape picture is a message from a child at a ZAP workshop, aimed at all children going through a similar situation.
98% of ZAP families feel less alone once they have attended a workshop. That’s something that can make a huge difference to lives.