What we've been up to this month:

May has been humbling and inspiring in equal measure as we’ve reached out to friends and past service users, and heard their stories. We were surprised and delighted when a group of school students shared their very own bullying awareness video and had some good news about a video project of our own!

We heard from proud mother Louise, whose son Bailey had suffered bullying at the start of secondary school. His confidence dropped to such an extent that she worried he would never be able to interact with people positively again, just as he did before it started.

Then they found one of our ZAP courses, and the rest is history:

“I truly believe what you taught Bailey helped turn him into the young man we have today, who now is almost two thirds of a way through a year’s apprenticeship”

You can read the full story here.

Faith, Wumni, Rayhana, Charlotte and Jan from the Grey Coat Hospital School took it upon themselves to create a short video drawing attention to bullying issues. Set in the school, it follows the daily torment of one picked-upon girl, as a way of starting a tough conversation about bullying and its impact at school. We think it’s fantastic, and we’re immensely grateful for the effort put into it. Check it out.

A few years after Kidscape was set up, our founder Michele Elliott wrote ‘Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe’, as an illustrated guide for children to keep safe. It was ground-breaking in its day, and now we are planning on bringing it into the twenty-first century as a series of animations. The first drafts of each individual safety scenario have been written, and we have now commissioned the animators. We even have some home-grown talent for the voiceovers… so watch this space.