We’ve just heard some brilliant news about Louis, a young man who came along to one of our ZAP anti-bullying workshops and took part in our residential weekend at Stowe School in 2012. We made this video with him in 2013. Well, four years on, he’s been made Head Boy of his new school! We’re so thrilled for him.

His mum told us: “As you can imagine, we are so proud of Louis. He thanks us at least 3 times a week for giving him the opportunity to attend his new school. He loves it, is happy and has worked incredibly hard since he joined. I keep telling him he does not need to keep thanking us, just seeing him so happy makes it all worthwhile. It isn't just our help that has got him where he is though, it is also Kidscape and although I say this every time I communicate with you, the confidence and belief that you all gave him has stayed with him…”

Louis today: congratulations from everyone in the Kidscape office

Peter, our Director of Services, has been a really busy bee recently! He’s travelled through England, Northern Ireland and Wales training parents and professionals over the past two weeks. This has included working with a group of over 30 parents in Wrexham on e-safety issues. We received a lovely tweet from a parent who took part in one of his sessions, saying: “It was an excellent seminar. Really enjoyed it. Found it very thought provoking too. Told everyone at work today!”

You might remember from our March update that Department for Education (DfE) funding for our Primary BIT project had come to an end. The project provided support and early intervention anti-bullying training to primary school professionals and children in years 4 & 5. Well, we’ve just heard from the DfE, which has invited us to tender for new anti-bullying funding. We’re working really hard to put together a proposal for them which will help hundreds more schools and thousands more children. We’ll let you know how we get on later in the year.