How we've used the 2018 grant so far


6% of children in the UK experience bullying every day, which is equivalent to 1 child per classroom. Bullying has an impact on self-confidence, mental health, relationships and educational attainment.
Kidscape works directly with children and families experiencing bullying. We give them practical support and train teachers and others working with children to help stop bullying.


A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes at Kidscape over the last few months.
We are in the process of creating some brand new programmes. We will release the details of these over the next few months – but one thing we are excited to share is the details of RISE- a half-day workshop for children in Year 6 to equip them with confidence and assertiveness skills developed with our ZAP expertise, to aid transition to secondary school.

RISE workshops will be delivered during August by the Kidscape Team in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Newcastle.

Demand for our flagship programme – ZAP– continues to grow, and we are in the process of expanding our offer – including holding ZAP sessions in Wales (up until now we have only worked in three regions in England) AND creating ZAP sessions for children aged 5-8 (currently we only run Zap for 9-16 years).

In addition to this, we are continuing with our core programmes including:

Parent Advice Line: the only specialist bullying support line opened in 2016 that has supported hundreds of families across the UK

Training: Kidscape provides training in anti-bullying awareness, safeguarding, digital safety and peer mentoring to teachers across the UK. We also deliver anti-bullying lessons to pupils, with a reach of over 5,000 children and young people in the last 3 years, with 87% pupils feeling more able to help someone being bullied.

Through our website and social networks: we provide advice and practical resources for children, families and teachers to both prevent and respond to bullying.

ZAP is a free one-day assertiveness course for children and families, builds confidence, and teaches practical techniques (the ZAP tools) for managing bullying situations.

ZAP impact report

We have just had an external, independent evaluation of our ZAP workshops, and we are delighted to share the results with you:

Over the last 3 years we have reached over 700 children and 900 parents and carers through the ZAP workshops with the following outcomes:

  • 96% of young people felt more confident, 98% more assertive and 95% felt better about themselves
  • 72% some months after said they were experiencing less bullying
  • 90% reported improvements in their mental health including less anxiety and depression
  • 87% reported improvements in their schooling, such as attending school more often
  • 91% said their family relationships had improved
  • 82% parents felt more able to communicate effectively with the school

Kidscape reduces the incidence and impact of bullying in the lives of children and families; and we have ambitious targets for the next 3 years to significantly increase our reach to children aged 5-8 and to increase our accessibility to children from disadvantaged communities.

Along with all of this, we are also going through the process of rebranding. We were lucky to receive pro-bono help and guidance from a large global branding company who helped us carry out all our surveys, market research and interviews – and this has given us the ideas we need to go forward. This has now been passed over to a design company who is working hard to create the new brand so please watch this space…

A message from Lauren – Kidscape CEO

While awareness of bullying is at an all-time high, local support has reduced and families are leaning on charities for vital assistance. We want to be known as the charity that not only campaigns about bullying but meets with children and gives practical help; answers calls and emails from desperate parents, provides online advice, and educates teachers and pupils to help stop bullying.

We know that contact with Kidscape at the right time can change lives; and with the financial support given by Raise Your Hands and Kidscape’s technical expertise we can reach those children and families across the UK that need us most.