What we've been up to this month:

Back to school and Kidscape have been busy! Since our last update, we’ve held four of our ZAP workshops up and down the country. These workshops have empowered bullied children and their parents to tackle bullying with assertiveness skills and knowledge. Meanwhile, our Extremism and Radicalisation Awareness (EARA) teams have worked with nine schools since term began to train staff and students. The EARA trainers have started a weekly blog series on Kidscape’s website, and you can get to know the team there.

Our web series for pre-schoolers, Feeling Happy Feeling Safe, is now live, with a guide for watching it with your little ones. These five short episodes help you talk to early years children about emotions, safety and personal boundaries. It’s been a long road to these videos, from a popular 90s book to its current format. Kidscape’s Head of Fundraising, Nikki Kerr, says: “It was a long-held dream of a number of Kidscape staff to make this project work, particularly our recently retired Chief Executive, who had used the resources herself in her days as a trainer. Now that we have launched Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe to the general public, and with it being freely available on our website and social media channels, we hope that Kidscape founder Michele’s legacy will continue to live on and enable thousands more young children to learn how to keep themselves safe and happy.”

Last but not least, we’re gearing up for Anti-Bullying Week (13th-17th Nov) and Friendship Friday (10th Nov). The theme of Anti-Bullying Week will be “All Different, All Equal”, and Friendship Friday, Kidscape’s annual celebration of friendship, will begin introducing these themes. We’ve prepared free resources for schools, and a social media campaign for you to celebrate your friends. So this November, look out for the hashtag #FriendshipFriday, post selfies of you and your fabulous friends wearing yellow, and if you have children, be sure to schedule a playdate on November 10th!