We believe all children should grow up in a world free from bullying and abuse. We know you do too - and that's why you should vote for us.  With your help we can reach out to more children, families, schools and professionals. We can do even more to prevent bullying and protect children from the dangers of the real and online worlds.


  • would enable us to create a series of animated films - "Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe" for pre-school and primary school children which deal with a number of child safety and anti-bullying topics in an engaging and age-appropriate way.
  • We will make these free to download by parents, nurseries and schools so that these important safety messages can be discussed with very young children.
  • In 2015 over 635,000 child abuse referrals were made to local authorities – the second highest ever recorded. Kidscape knows that teaching very young children about the potential threats to their safety is crucial in raising a happy and safe generation.


  • would enable us to pilot our new project "Strength from Challenge". This will work with young people to build their emotional resilience and give them a better chance of successfully overcoming challenges such as bullying.


  • would mean that we can employ a volunteer co-ordinator for a year to develop a young volunteer/ambassador programme. Many of Kidscape's young beneficiaries are hugely keen to give something back once they have put their bullying behind them, but at the moment we do not have the resources to harness all this enthusiasm and goodwill. This would greatly strengthen our ability to reach out directly to more young people who need our help.