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“I will be forever grateful for the ZAP course because I think it has literally changed my daughter’s life. She shines with teenage joy in life now and since the course has made and affirmed some lovely friendships. The bullies either no longer bother with her, or she has the confidence and skills to cope with them in a new and improved way so she doesn’t let them worry her.”
Many you will be aware of Kidscape ZAP, our one-day workshop for young people affected by bullying, and their families. Recently, we’ve undertaken a large-scale evaluation of the programme using data from almost 800 children and 900 parents, and the results have been incredible. We’re proud to have changed so many young lives in just one day, and we’d like to share some of the key findings:
Of children who attended ZAP:

  • 96% of young people feel more confident
  • 98% feel more able to be assertive
  • 95% feel better about themselves
  • 72% experience less bullying
  • 90% of young people report improvements in mental health
  • 80% have improved self-esteem
  • 77% of young people are self-harming less
  • 87% of children report improvements to their schooling
  • 79% are going to school more often
  • 91% of young people feel family relationships have improved
  • 91% of young people feel more supported by their parents

Of parents who attended ZAP:

  • 98% of parents feel less alone
  • 97% know more about how to communicate effectively with their child’s school
  • 91% of parents feel more able to support their child

Kidscape CEO Lauren Seager-Smith says, “The latest figures from our largest-ever evaluation of the Kidscape ZAP programme show that there is hope and that you can put bullying behind you. I’ve heard inspiring stories from children and parents alike of how since coming to ZAP, they’ve gained the confidence to stand up to bullying, to take part in activities they never dreamed of doing before, and even intervene when other children are being bullied. We urge families not to suffer in silence but to reach out to Kidscape.”
This August, Kidscape has also run four free RISE workshops, preparing children for the move up to Year 7 by building confidence and preparing them to handle challenging situations such as bullying, making new friends and facing peer pressure. The workshops have been really positive and put a smile on a lot of young children, who will now be heading to their new schools with a spring in their step!