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Michael is 23 and grew up in South London. He joined Switchback in 2018 while in HMP Isis. Michael is now working in retail at M&S and is planning to apply to university to study computing.
“At school I messed around a lot. I got kicked out of college for selling drugs. There was money in abundance, and that was the incentive. But the lifestyle was toxic. You’d be happy to survive to the end of the day. You’re left mentally and physically drained.
“Before jail I was unrealistic and impatient. That’s why I’m engaging so vigorously with Switchback now. I’ve renounced the drug game and all that it entails. The prospect of dying or ending up in jail – I want to leave it behind before it’s too late.
“The really big thing about Switchback is that everyone has just so much passion. They will fervently push you to achieve your goal. And their enthusiasm is infectious. They’re more than just telling you the right direction, they’re with you every step of the way. They do so much more than it says on paper. And the biggest difference is that they’re not pretending. They’re genuine—with so many people they’ll only care as much as they’re paid to care. It seems like for everyone at Switchback, helping people somehow means more than just a job or a pay-cheque.
“I didn’t even consider university a prospect before. But I’ve pumped my breaks and I’m trying to do things properly this time. Now I know I’m not on a stopwatch anymore. I’ll get there.”