What we've been up to this month:

This month, 12 students from Greenvale School discovered their inner comedians as part of a week-long Explore residency with us. The students, who had a range of learning difficulties, and some of whom were autistic, went to see The Hunting Lodge at the Unicorn Theatre and discovered what happens to the prince after Cinderella’s happy ending.

The slapstick elements of the show went down a treat, with students finding them hilarious. The comedy continued once we got back to the classroom as we worked with the young people to create their own slapstick routines, complete with (imaginary!) custard pies and high speed chases! In this way, students were able to explore emotion and facial expressions. They also got to strut their stuff as part of their very own ballroom scene to promote empowerment and confidence and teach characterisation. All of these elements culminated in a final performance, giving students the opportunity to show off their new theatrical skills.

The week was a great success and students’ confidence increased noticeably with fantastically positive feedback from their teacher who said…

“Jonny and Vicki were fantastic. Had an excellent rapport with the students, kept them engaged and excited throughout the sessions, they took the student communication information on board and adapted the sessions to their needs. Students thoroughly enjoyed the week and shined in the final performance. I would definitely recommend the week residency programme.”